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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 20, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm bet troutman. we have the best videos from the web right here "right this minute." a guy stumbles upon an incredible sight. our national symbol -- >> stuck in this fenced-in area. >> see what had this majestic creature grounded. >> and he's pretty. look at that. this is why it's known as -- >> the most dangerous race in the world. >> see one rider's mission to move into first place. >> i found your iphone on the ground. >> a dude in search of an iphone owner starts --
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>> sort of documenting his night out. >> just kind of waiting for a call right now. >> now, meet the happy lady who got her phone back and -- >> just died laughing. if you are sick o chicken fo dinner now there's native for you to consider. >> why a lot of dudes might just pass on this dish. >> oh, when he did the ripping of -- oh, boy. a regal creature some might call it stuck in florida. but luckily these fine folks to the rescue. hook at them digging through that brush. what do you see stuck there? >> a bald eagle. >> it is a bald eagle. >> he's beautiful. >> we usually don't get much of the eagle except for this year they've been real heavy. >> this poor bald eagle they believe was stuck a week to a week and a half in this fenced-in area. a guy named john from florida wildlife found this eagle and he called in these folks from skunky acres animal shelter to help rescue it. but its eye was injured. >> look at that.
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very, very pretty. >> damage? >> he's got a blind eye. >> they believe that he was stuck without any food because eagles rely on their eyesight to catch their prey. >> i feel like it's your american duty to save this bird. >> yeah. >> you have to, you know, it's our bird, right? >> there's no question about it. >> if you live in this country, you must save this bird. >> you're absolutely right. and this eagle looks grateful to see these folks. looks like it was in bad shape. they did successfully get this eagle into their custody. >> what are you all going to do with hem? >> the veterinarian is the first thing we'll do. >> it's at a shelter being rehabilitated. john said the eagle is eating. the eagle is doing just fine. and they do expect this eagle to make a full recovery. ♪ that's michael dunlop in the isle of man race last summer. this kid is on a mission. he's focused. he's skilled.
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he's driven and he is hunting down a couple of other riders up ahead. keep in mind this video has not been sped up. the course 37 miles long on public roads. it is known as the most dangerous race in the world. you can see why. >> the camera leans over you know that his motorcycle is like this, leaning way over. >> on those turns, like, he's parallel with the road almost. >> average speeds at this track range between 120 and 130 miles per hour. >> oh. >> course record set by a guy named john mcginnis at 131 miles per hour. now he's got two riders ahead of him. john mcginnis and cameron donald. these guys very experienced riders. >> wow. >> and he doesn't have that much room to pass either. it has to be perfect.
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>> watch this. there goes one. >> what? >> oh. >> and gets around him and then just blasts past the other guy. >> looks like thread the needle. he was weaving in and out and then just gone. criminals will use anything to rob someplace. let's look at wolworth's in melbourne, australia, that guy is armed with a spear gun and hils accomplice armed with a machete. they are robbing a woolworth's. >> i would satake my shot. i might take my chances with that guy. >> you wouldn't. >> i could sneak up from behind. then maybe and then i'd kick that fricking thing and i would --
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>> ahh! >> okay, here we go. >> as you can see he's armed with a gun notice who he's pointing it at. that's the security guard. it's the security guard's first day on the job. >> what a terrible first day. >> i guarantee they don't train you for harpoon disarming. >> the men did get away with the money. however, the younger man who jumped over the counter and bagged the cash 19 years old. police say he turned himself in. this happened about a week ago but police are still look for the other guy because they believe they used this stolen car as the getaway vehicle. >> if the young guy turned himself in, he could probably turn his buddy in, too. over in moscow this is in front of a bank. watch this blue car. you've got people coming from the bank, they've got bags. instead of running into the bank these men assault the men with the bags. you don't see that on camera but according to police one of the victims was 43. he was hit in the head. the second victim 50 years old shot in the arm. they're both expected to recover but as you notice two of the
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assailiants come back into view. it looks like they have bags in their hands when they jump into the passenger's side of the vehicle. the only thing in the backpacks and bags were a computer laptop and a tablet pc. you can see them trying to follow the car but they weren't able to get the numbers for police and now they're looking for the car and the people inside. as you know we are a phone-obsessed culture. losing your phone, like, the worst thing that could ever happen, right? awful. jenny dodge lost her phone while wo walking around new orleans. look who found her phone. >> not quite sure what to do with this phone. don't want you to think i stole it or anything. make sure it doesn't get cracked. just kind of waiting for a call right now. >> so this guy a complete stranger found her phone and then started sort of documenting his night out with her phone
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making these videos. >> that place i used to take sculpture lessons over there and my dad used to take drawing lessons and seemed like a nice art place. >> fun facts. >> kind of waiting for the bus. i don't know if the bus is still running. >> still no bus. i'm still walking. i thought i would take bus but the bus doesn't seem to be showing up. >> then this happens. >> i'm so busy talking to you i missed the bus. >> like she's there. i'm so busy talking to you i missed the bus. but then you learn he's going to take it to st. joe's another bar and decides he's going to. drop it off there. >> thi i leave you. i hope you find your phone well. >> turns out it was jenny dodge's phone. jenny used a friend's app to track it down and they located it at st. joe's and went and got the phone and then she looked through it and had a lot to watch after this. we've got jenny dodge and her husband john dodge joining us "right this minute." when you went to the bar and then you startedooking at what
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was on your phone,hat were you thinking? i was pictures to see the last place that i had my phone and while i was looking at them all of a sudden, like, 50 pictures pop up and my camera roll. i was, like, what? so we actually all ran outside the bar so we could listen to it and just died laughing. >> we were on a manhunt. we were trying to find this phone thinking somebody stole it and we had no idea that we were going to end up laughing for the entire night. >> what do you have to say to this guy? >> thank you, thank you so much. not only for saving my phone but for giving me the funniest present i could ever ask for. my birthday's on st. patrick's day. >> do you have a favorite moment from one of the clips? >> i think the one we liked the best when the bus went by. the whole time he's talking about the about us. i don't know if the bus is coming. i don't know if it's still running and then it just drives by. >> so busy talking to you, i missed the bus.
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outrage after two police officers pick up a woman -- >> that seems to be unconscious. they drag her over to the bus lane. >> see what they did next that has them in hot water. and it's called the half bike. >> a combination between running and biking. >> the new way to get around.
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two videos for you guys. this first one a bit controversial. shot in northern ireland.
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captured the moment two police officers pick up a woman that seems to be unconscious. they drag her over to the bus lane and then drive away while this woman is clearly still unable to care for herself obviously. it seems like she's barely moving. but they just left her there. >> what? >> well, do we know that she's unable to take care of herself? >> according to the bbc that originally reported this story she seems to not be conscious when the officers just left. now, the police ombudsman has launched an independent investigation into this matter. apparently the two officers have been identified and they are facing either a suspension or they will be repositioned depending on what is concluded after this case is over but obviously people not very happy that police officers that are supposed to be out for the safety of civilians just left this woman out on the street like this. in traffic. >> they treated her like a piece of trash left in the road. apparently there has been
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another video found that happened moments before this video started rolling and apparently that video shows police officer arresting a man believed to be this woman's partner. but we still don't know how she ended up unable to care for herself. fortunately the person that recorded this video did say that two men came out of the business nearby and did render aid to this woman so she got some help eventually. in the second video you very briefly see a cyclist, that cyclist is struck by a flying mattress. takes him out but somehow the cyclist lands on the mattress. >> that actually worked pretty well. >> what, did that mattress fly off of the truck going past? did it happen to knock the cyclist off but then he came in for a soft landing. >> what? >> i wonder if the guy after all of it happened thought he was waking up from some weird dream. it all happened so quickly, how do you end up on the bike to the mattress in a second? >> eventually he does get up. >> if this happens he should be
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able to keep the mattress. >> i think so. >> it's your mattress now, buddy. what do you say we do a tech time that's all about unique inventions. >> that's what tech time's all about. >> right? >> yeah. we need inventors but, you know, people are constantly inventing things and that's what makes the world go round. >> to tell us about some quite unique and quite useful inventions -- >> a unique and useful fellow. >> yep. zach. hey, zach. >> hello. >> tell us about these inventions. this first one is pretty awesome. >> it is. so, this is a lift wear and for people that suffer from essential tremor or parkinson's disease, it's a spoon that they can use. >> remarkable, right? >> it cancels out the motion of any of their hand tremors. there's a microcontroller that differentiates between intentiol motion and tryhe mout or the tremors and then once it senses what the tremor is, it actually uses motors that will
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counteract the tremor motion. >> it gives them back their autonomy with eating. it's so fantastic. what is happening here? why is this an indy go-go project. >> what's awesome is march is the essential tremor ewearness mon month. they will match a donation dollar for dollar on their indy go-go project. you can buy it for yourself or someone else and they'll pay for another one or if you donate a certain amount of money, every $150 donated they'll give a person in need one of their products. the next invention a kick-starter program. the half bike? >> the half bike. they say that this is a combination between running and biking. i say it's a manual segway because really what you do is you pedal it and then you lean side to side to control it. so, to me it really looks like someone pedaling a segway. >> it's also like a moving elliptical machine. it's the way the elliptical goes
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and this goes, though. >> we always wish we were at the gym doing the elipat this cliptw you can go somewhere. one guy 14 voices. >> mad skills. >> hear him hit the lows. ♪ going to give you up >> and the highs. ♪ i cross my heart and i hope to die ♪ >> what? and got meat? why this might round out your dinner but kill your appetite. >> oh! when he did the ripping of -- oh, boy. this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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feel like nothing changed ♪ >> he can do crazy singing impersonations and, in fact, this video is called "one guy 14 voices." this possibly my favorite. adam levine from maroon five. ♪ so i cross my heart and i hope to die ♪ >> that's a hard, hard song to do. the voice is so high. ♪ and i only stay one more night ♪ >> how about bon jovi? ♪ whoa living on a prayer ♪ never going to give you never going to let you down ♪ >> that was good. >> yeah. >> rick ashley. ♪ never going to give you up ♪ never going to let you down never going to run around and dessert you ♪ >> wow. that one's great. the best one so far. >> we got john mayer coming up. ♪ this is bound to be a while ♪ girls you'll be the death of me ♪ >> and then bruno mars and bruno
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mars has a great voice and this kid sounds just like him. ♪ highway >> it's pretty impressive and he was inspired by another video that went viral. ♪ >> he wanted to do his own spin on that vidio. >> some are better than others but the fact that he can even try and do it and get close is pretty amazing. >> but rick ashley is number one. >> hello again. thanks so much watching. for you healthy eaters, are you tired of chicken breasts to get your protein in? this go has an alternative for you to consider. >> i recommend anybody to put this, give it a try, get rid of that boring old chicken, boring old beef and try somesomethi.
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>> he'll teach us how to eat -- >> goat balls. >> you have to take the outer skin off. >> wne didhe of -- oh, boy and one is bigger than the other. >> usually how it works. then he slices them up and all he does is cook them in oil with some onions and garlic and what you have there are sauteed goat tess testicles. >> it has a smell to it. it's, like, tender liver. >> it's nothing new. what do they call them rocky mountain oysters? >> lamb fries. >> i mistaken ate lamb fries one time. they are not fries. >> and how's it taste? >> it had a clammy taste. we were, like, huh and we found out later they were balls. >> i had the rocky mountain oysters and tasted like tough, tough roast beef that had been fried. >> there you have it, folks. we're about done. let's taste these golden nuggets.
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that is some good testicles. a boy's parents surprise him with a list of upcoming activities for the year. >> but check out the last part of this letter. >> hear what leaves him speechless. we asked ourselves...
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why should treating your dog's fleas and ticks have to be difficult? and the answer was staring us right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline plus. it's the only beef- flavored chew that kills both fleas and american dog ticks. it's a powerful flea and tick killer that's easy to give - easy to take. plus, it keeps killing for a full 30 days. and dogs love it. nexgard is for dogs only and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin,
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diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. ask your vet about nexgard chewables from the makers of frontline plus. fleas and ticks hate it. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. from the makers of the vet's #1 choice frontline plus. the passage of time when you see how the landscape changes, long, slow, eons. not this one. something is starting and all these people down here are watching. what they are waiting for is the water to come down and fall into here. you start to see some action right in here. here you see it slowly creeping towards them. getting closer and closer and closer. and finally people start saying, you know, i'm going to move out of the way. >> yep, good idea. >> watch as it gets choser to that big group of people. >> whoa.
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>> oh. >> the dog's, like, i'm getting out of here. >> the dog knew it was time to go. >> look at all those people. >> the people, do you know what, maybe we need to skedaddle out of here. it does go down this waterfall but where they were standing they all had to evacuate the area. >> it looks like a flash flood. it's amazing to be there when the head waters go through. >> it's the great moments of your lifetime to watch something like this happen and mother nature powerful. feline jumps up to say hello. >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> i think it's awesome. >> oh, my gosh. >> did you get it? >> down there. 11-year-old logan is about
9:57 am
to get a pretty awesome surprise. check this out. >> my name is logan. this year i will get to do many great things. i will attend the detroit tiger game, play baseball and vacation at myrtle beach. >> ooh. >> okay. >> he gets home from school and hi his dad is a photographer and puts him in front of a camera and has him read this piece of paper that he's never read before and things he's never done before. >> the family has a whole fun year planned out. >> check out the last part of this letter. >> there's one more thing i'm going to do this year. i'm going to be a big brother. >> ah. >> wow. >> he gets to the end, doh. >> he's been dying to become a big brother for years. finally it's come true and this is his reaction.
9:58 am
>> he can't each make words. >> what, what. >> what. >> he finally runs off the screen. probably to hug his mom. but then we get him back. >> oh. >> and he's all in tears because obviously he's been waiting for this. >> this is adorable and really lovely to see. >> dad was smart to get this on camera because in about five, six, seven years when they're fighting like crazy and beating each other up, pull this video up, hey, remember, you wanted a lile brother, so treaod that's our show. thanks so much for joining us and we'll see you for the next edition of r.e.m.
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